Turner Chapel Worship Arts Ministries "Last One Left"

Complete "dual angle" DVD with both complete camera angles on the disc by using the "angle" button, as well as dancers names available on the subtitle button.

Will strife and division bring down the House of Hope? Can there be true unity in the house - and in the world? In the famous words of the late Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"

Going where we've never been before, the Worship Arts Ministry of Turner Chapel AME Church pushes the envelope to deal with an issue that is pervasive, yet still elusive; important, but often ignored (or whispered about) until forced into the headlines. An "in your face", honest and entertaining story about race, discrimination, love, and unity.

This play is written and Produced by Danese Turner. Co-Directed by Rev. Dr. Kisha Cunningham, Joe Felder, and Danese Turner.

"Last One Left"
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